• About US

    Anna Książek and Andrea Pucci


    We are a Polish-Italian couple, working with languages since 7 years. We collaborated with different schools in Poland and Italy, leading one-to-one and group classes and translating. We have an extensive experience as trainers and several certificates confirming our language and teaching skills (such as TEFL, CPE, master in psychology, pedagogy, etc.). Since few years we are travelling around the world, collecting stories of changemakers.


    More about us and our project: exchangetheworld.info.

  • Language is the road map of a culture.

    Rita Mae Brown




    We offer online English/Italian/Polish classes at any level between A1 and C1.


    Our classes are:

    - adjusted to the client

    - focused mostly on communication (unless client has other specific goals)

    - enriched with materials and learning from our journey around the world and other languages and cultural experiences


    We provide the possibility to have classes with different teachers from time to time.


    Price: 70zł/60 min




    We organize 10h (1 day) or 20h (2 days) English/Italian/Polish immersions in the clients' place.


    The immersion includes:

    - online conversation identifying needs and interests of the client

    - 10/20h mix of classes, workshops and cultural experience adjusted to the client

    - additional materials for learning the language



    Price: SPECIAL OFFER - 600 zł/10h


    Number of people: up to 10 people (you can invite your friends, family, we also prepare special program for kids)



    We organize workshops in English/Italian/Polish thanks to which you can train your language skills while developing other unique skills!


    Examples of workshops:

    - Public speaking

    - Time management

    - Responsible consumption

    - Creativity

    - Changemaking

    - Cooking class (Italian cuisine!)

    - Team work

    - DIY

    - Meditation and mindfulness

    ... and many others!


    For a full picture have a look at Anna's trainer portfolio.


    Price: 120 zł/60 min


    Number of people: up to 10 people (workshops for more than 10 people are organized upon renegotiation)


    We also offer coaching sessions in English, with the same idea of practicing the language while developing yourself in other areas.




    We offer translation within English/Italian/Polish languages (Italian and Polish as natives).


    So far we translated:

    - websites

    - educational scenarios

    - short movies

    - scenarios for game

    - scientific articles


    Price: It depends on language combination, length of text and delivery date. Contact us for more info.

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    ksiazek.anna@gmail.com | +48 503 399 565